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Sedation Dentistry Midland

Sedation Dentistry Midland

Close your eyes and relax

Ensuring you’re completely comfortable at all times throughout your appointment is our number one priority Helena Street Dental Midland, which is why we offer several pain management options.

Local anaesthetic

Prior to any local anaesthetic injections we use a topical anaesthetic cream. This is rubbed onto your gums with a cotton swab to numb the area so there is no discomfort when receiving a local anaesthetic.

Local anaesthetic is used for longer or more invasive procedures. Although it may feel and sound little funny for a while afterwards, local anaesthetic usually wears off after about an hour. You will be able to drive and continue with your normal daily routine after having a local anaesthetic.


For more information, feel free to talk to our friendly staff on (08) 9250 3100 or visit our practice at 2/42 Victoria Street, Midland WA 6056.